Toy Book

Between 1865-1875, Walter Crane designed for Warner and Routledge a tremendously successful series of around fifty illustrated Toy Books sold for one penny each, due to their large print runs.

Vintage “Alice in Wonderland” movie

As a proof that Tenniel’s illustrations were so popular, here is an old movie from 1903, based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, recently restored by the BFI National Archive. Check out the White Rabbit’s outfit, the “Drink me” tag on the syrup bottle or the scene at the Tea Party. They even used the…

Arabian Nights

The stories from The Arabian Nights were brought to the Western world by Antoine Galland’s translation in 1704 and haven’t ceased to delight us ever since. Jonathan Scott’s version is illustrated by Virgina Frances Sterrett.

Tanglewood Tales

Written by Nathaniel Hawthorne and illustrated by Virginia Frances Sterrett, this book depicts the legends of The Minotaur, The Pygmies, The Dragon’s Teeth, Circe’s palace, The Pomegranate Seeds, and The Golden Fleece.